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    General terms and conditions

    • When you use this service, you are obliged to comply with the terms of this agreement.
    • It is forbidden to use the service in any way that violates the laws of The State of Qatar and the laws of any country where Doha auction services are available.
    • The use of this service is prohibited by any non-human user, except for non-human users of the following companies only:
      • Google
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
    • All contents of this service are intellectual property rights reserved for The Doha Auction and are prohibited from being used in any way by any third parties.
    • The means of communication with advertisers are only permitted for the purpose of purchasing the declared item.
    • The service is not allowed to be used for the purpose of collecting information such as email, mobile numbers or otherwise.
    • The site does not provide any warranty for any business operation.

    Membership terms

    • A proper name must be selected during the registration process.
    • The member is obliged not to share his membership information with anyone.
    • Doha Auction is committed to taking the necessary standards for data protection and preservation, The Internet is not a 100% secure way to keep confidential information.
    • The Service exchanges some information with your device for the purpose of providing the service to you.
    • The site uses statistical software such as Google Analytics to develop and improve the service.

    Advertising terms

    • The advertised ad must be only a good or service.
    • It is forbidden to advertise any item that falls on the list of prohibited goods in Qatar.
    • The ad must be full of detail and in the correct section.
    • The site has the right to delete any ad without mentioning the reason for the deletion.
    • Copies of any ad are prohibited from the site.
    • Any part of any ad on the site is prohibited from being used.
    • The advertiser is obliged to have the images added in the ad for the same advertised item.
    • The Advertiser is obliged not to add more than 5 ads on the site for the same item.

    Reporting inappropriate content:

    • It is prohibited to post any content that violates any international, federal, national or local copyright, patent, trademark or other intellectual property laws applicable in the State of Qatar.
    • mzaddoha.com is not responsible for any user-submitted content that infringes the property rights of third parties.
    • If you become aware of any content that you believe infringes your or a third party’s proprietary rights, Please contact us.
    • Please include in any such notice:
      • link to the allegedly infringing material;
      • A description of the allegedly infringing material;
      • A statement objecting that the copyrighted material has not been posted by the owner or licensee of said copyright;
      • Your contact details (including email address); And the
      • Your signature (physical or electronic).
    • mzaddoha.com may, But she has no obligation, scans or monitors any content; If you are notified of Content that allegedly does not comply with these Terms of Use or infringes the proprietary rights of a third party, mzaddoha.com may investigate the allegation and determine whether the content should be removed or requested to be removed. mzaddoha.com has no obligation or liability to users for the performance or non-performance of such activities.


    Privacy Policy

    • mzaddoha.com respects your privacy and has developed a detailed privacy policy that is incorporated into this agreement. Please take the time to read our Privacy Policy found here. By agreeing to these terms, You also accept the terms of our Privacy Policy.

    Terms of reply and advertiser’s question

    • You must be obliged not to add any response that falls within the list of prohibited replies.

    Terms of private messages

    • You should be committed not to send any message that is on the blocked message list.

    To reporter:

    Email: [email protected]

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